10 best trekking trails of Iran mountains

Trekking in Iran

Most of the people don’t know that Iran has amazing landscape in the mountains. More than 70 percent of Iran lands covered by mountain lands . Iran has three important mountainous area ,First of all massive Alborz mountains in the north of Iran ,it start from Azerbaijan Country border in Northwest to the Turkmenistan border in the northeast of Iran . Alborz mountains is very special mountain area ,because the north part of that covered by seasonal forests, the reason is Caspian sea humidity. The humid of Caspian sea is reason of that . Caspian sea coast forests is oldest forest in the planet earth which is called Hyrcanian forest, but the south part of the Alborz mountains you will see different landscapes, wast beautiful ranges, amazing grasslands in high altitude, high peaks higher than 4000 M & etc.
Second mountainous area of Iran is Zagros mountain which is younger than Alborz & it has many rocky mountains. It’s start from northwest to the south & then finished in Persian gulf. The peaks of Zagros is high but not like Alborz mountains. The interesting point of this mountain is nomad people migrations, which is very beautiful .
The third part of Iran mountains is Central mountains of Iran . You will find many mountainous regions in Iran lands ,I mean outside of the Alborz & Zagros . Some of them is in the central of the country & some of the in the south .
I wanna introduce about 10 incredible trekking tour of Iran mountains specially Alborz mountains. All of this trekking tours itineraries made by me with my experiences of the Alborz mountains.
1 . Damavand summit climbing
Damavand is highest peak of Iran. With 5671 M altitude,Damavand is highest volcano peak of Asia as well . Damavand is located in eastern part of Central Alborz mountains in Mazandaran province lands which is near Tehran . There area four routes to rich to the summit. Depends to your ability you can choose one of them . Easiest rout is south way & hardest way is north face route.
Damavand has special place in Iranian culture & history. It’s great symbol of Iran historical power. Iranian people have respect to Damavand peak. For hiking to the top of the peak you need 3 or 4 days . It depends to your hiking experiences in high altitude.
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