Alborz mountains

The term “Alborz Mountains” has been loosely used in reference to all of the mountains of northern Iran, from the Turkish border to the northwest, to the border with Afghanistan to the northeast (a distance of more than 1500 km). The Alborz Mountains gain their maximum height and density along the southern shores of the Caspian Sea where they create a formidable barrier that separates the coastal plains from the internal plateau of Iran. Close proximity to the Caspian coast has created a steamy lush environment on the coastal plains and the northern-most slopes of the mountains. In some places (near the coastal towns of Ramsar and Noshahr), the strip of land between the mountains and the sea is no more than one kilometer wide.

The southern slopes of the Alborz drop onto the central plateau of Iran. The average elevation of this plateau at the base of the mountains is around 1500 m (Please be ware that the plateau itself is covered by other scattered mountains. In fact, there are few places in Iran where mountains can not be seen in the horizon). In contrast to the lush northern slopes, the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains are barren. Trees can be found only on stream banks at the bottom of the valleys. Grasslands, alpine tundra and permanent snow cover the higher slopes of the Alborz. Evidence suggests that in the past, glaciers used to cover a much larger area of the Alborz Mountains than they do today. At the present time, glaciers can be found on Mt. Damavand, Takhte Soleyman Massif, Mt. Sabalan and to a much lesser extent on some of the higher peaks of the range. Winter brings a heavy coat of powdery snow that creates an ideal environment for skiing. The abundance of snow gives rise to fairly large mountain streams that provide fresh water for the nearby cities including the 10 million plus mega-city of Tehran. When viewed from space, some of these streams appear to have dug deep gorges that penetrate into the heart of the mountains. The distance between the 5671 m Mt. Damavand and the bottom of the Haraz Valley to the northeast of it where the elevation is only 1000 m is no more than 17 kilometers.


Peaks higher than 4000 meters can be found in two areas in the Alborz Mountains (Please note that this discussion excludes the Zagros Mountains of western/southern Iran that also have many groups of peaks higher than 4000 m):

1) A few peaks around the 4811 m summit of Mt. Sabalan in northwestern Iran
2) Depending on how you count them, around one hundred in Central Alborz

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Best Season:May-October
Popular Location: Central Alborz mountains - Damavand peak - Alamkuh peak - Alamut valley

Alborz mountains Trekking trips

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Sabalan peak hiking

    Sabalan peak Hiking – 5 Days

    5 Days

    Sabalan peak Hiking Price is depend on season and group size  Please contact me Sabalan peak Hiking Sabalan or Savalan is an inactive stratovolcano in the Alborz mountain range. At 4,811 metres in elevation, it is the third highest mountain…

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    Trekking in Iran

      Alborz long crossing – 8 Days

      8 Days

      Trekking in Iran Price is depend on season and group size  Please contact me Trekking in Iran In the Alborz mountains, there are many hiking trails from the past that connect the southern part of Alborz to its northern part…

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      Alam-kuh hiking

        Alamkouh (4860 M) hiking – 4 Days

        4 Days

        Alamkuh hiking Price is depend on season and group size  Please contact me Alamkuh hiking Mount Alam (Alam Kooh) is sometimes been written as: “Alamkouh”, “Alamkoh”, “Alamkuh”, “Alamkooh” or “Alam kouh”. Mount Alam (Alam Kooh) is mainly made of tertiary intrusive…

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        Iran best nature tour

          Caspian sea to Neor lake – 5 Days

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          Iran hiking Price is depend on season and group size  Please contact me Iran hiking Seasonal forests covered the northern part of the Alborz Mountains .First of all, There is an area called  Talesh forests in the western part of…

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          Alamut valley trekking

            Alamut valley to Caspian sea – 4 Days

            5 Days

            Alamut valley trekking Price is depend on season and group size  Please contact me Alborz Mountains have many mountainous routs for trekking. There are many beautiful mountain routs between these villages. Especially the trekking routes from the south of the…

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            Damavand hiking tour

              Damavand (5671 M ) hiking – 4 Days

              5 Days

              Damavand & Alamkuh peaks hiking Price is depend on season and group size  Please contact me Damavand  hiking Many springs and rivers are flowing through this mount. The most striking ones are Tineh River in North, Lar and Div Asiab…

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