Taleghan valley

Taleghan county consists of three parts; Upper, middle and lower Taleqan and has have 86 villages. Shah rood river is the vital vessel of the region. It has 105km length, passing through the region and eventually joins Sepidrood and ends in Caspian sea. The area is separated from the famous Alamut county with Shahkooh mountains, which are part of Alborz mountain range and are 4200 meters tall. The population of the region speak Tat language which is closely related to the language of Mazandaran province.

Attractive places :
Taleqan lake provides stunning landscape.
Karkabood village is a historical village Karkabood waterfall
Ista village where the time stops. The people of the village do not celebrate wedding or birthday, they do not mourn the deads. The people refuse to get ID cards and the village has no water and electricity. Children of the village do not go to public school but study at home in the traditional way. They claim to wait for the return of Shia Messiah(Imam Mahdi).

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Majestic Shah (King) Alborz summit - Taleghan Lake - Karkaboud waterfall - Ista village

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