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Welcome to Alborz mountains

  • My name is Hesam Yousefi . I was born in 10th of August 1989 , from Iran and originally from Alborz mountains range. A professional mountain guide of Alborz mountains now.
    Since I was a child, I started Hiking & Trekking in all areas of Alborz mountains & That’s why I have great interest about ALborz mountains & the wonderful nature of this area, I made all of this progresses in Hiking, Trekking & Climbing
    When I was 13 years old , I climbed mount Damavand, the highest peak of Iran (5671 M ) successfully . Passing the specialized mountaineering courses , Finally made me getting all mountaineering Certificates, including : Trekking, Hiking, mountaineering , rock climbing, ice climbing & mountain routing .
    Since 2010, I am working as a Mountain guide in Alborz mountains.
    I really love my job .
    I have been discovered & trekked more than 90 % of the trekking & hiking routs of alborz range, specially Caspian sea forests and coast areas.
    Every year, I have many passengers from anywhere in the world.
    I hope you come to Iran soon, enjoy trekking and hiking in Alborz mountains.
    I will serve you …
    Hesam yousefi
    Email : Alborztrek@gmail.com
3 thoughts on “Hesam Yousefi
  • Aljosa Ivancic
    Commented on

    Hessam thank you for taking me to the top of Damavand.That was great experience due to Hessams very good managment of trekking from very beginning till returning to Tehran.He has made sure that I will take with me all needed equipment,booking the place in Shelter,organize the food and drinks and so on.But the most important thing is that he knows how to motivate you to go on during climbing to…

  • Aljosa Ivancic
    Commented on

    By mistake I rated Hessams services with 4 stars,but he deserves of course 5 stars and more. Aljosa Ivancic

  • jose zugasti
    Commented on

    Hessam has guided us, during 17 days, climbing Tochal, Sabalan, Ag Dagh, Alamkuh, Karkas and Damavand. It has been a wonderful adventure. Hessam has a lot of experience in mountain. But also knows how to manage in diferents situations. He has done very well at booking shelters, renting mules, looking for appropiate restaurants... Besides he is very nice in the deal. We recommend to anyone to go with Hesam to…


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