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The northern part of the Alborz Mountains is covered with seasonal forests.But in the western part of the Alborz Mountains and on the Caspian Sea coastal region , there is an area called the Talesh forests . This area has a massive cover of seasonal forests. The forests of this area are very virgin and intact. There are very few rural populations scattered around the depths of these forests. Which is suitable for Trekking and Hiking programs. By going through the depths of the forest and getting to know the local inhabitants of the forest you will have access to high land & peaks. . At the heights of this area, there is a very beautiful lake called Neor. Watching the Caspian Sea from these heights is fantastic. These areas have enormous environmental conditions and trekking in this area is unique. If you would like to trekking through these forests, I will serve you

Hesam Yousefi

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Alborz mountains-Caspian sea Forest

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    Caspian sea to Neor lake – 5 Days

    5 Days

    Iran hiking Price is depend on season and group size  Please contact me Iran hiking Seasonal forests covered the northern part of the Alborz Mountains .First of all, There is an area called  Talesh forests in the western part of…

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