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Iran is one of the best countries for trekking . Iran has many mountain ranges . Alborz mountains in the north of Iran is the bigger , older & higher than the other areas . If you like to do some activities & visiting nature in Iran , I offer you to do trekking & hiking in the Alborz mountains . Alborz Mountains is a massive mountain range in north of Iran between Caspian sea coast & Iranian plateau that it has more than 100 peaks higher than 4000 M altitude.
Trekking in Iran is not complicated for you because one of the best Iranian mountain guide will be with you . You will have great experiences with me in your Iran trekking time . Trekking in Iran is a best chance to have unimaginable experiences in the Alborz mountains .

Iran trekking tours are divided into three categories :

  1. Trekking from south part to the north or Caspian sea coast .
  2. Hiking to high peaks of Alborz mountains . Damvand 5671 M
  3. Forest trekking in western part of the Alborz mountains

Iran Trekking from south part of Alborz mountains to the north (Caspian sea coast) is one of the Amazing trekking in Iran . There are several trekking trails that you can choose one of them & have great experiences . Depending on your interests , trekking tours are planned and run . We need many informations to make good plan for Iran trekking . We need to know everything about whether forecast , local house or tent , accommodations , all transfers to mountain villages & Iran trekking tour permissions that all of these will be easy & comfortable with one of the professional Iran mountain guide . 
I wanna tell you that the Iran trekking tours are devided to three levels . Hard , moderate & easy . Hiking to high peaks of Alborz mountains like Damavand 5671 M or Alamkouh 4860 M is in the hard & challenging category in Iran trekking .
Trekking from south to the north part of Alborz mountains will be in moderate category which is suitable for who have trekking once in a month & Forest trekking in west part of Alborz mountains in low level of altitude & near the Caspian sea is in the easy category which is suitable for all people who want to visit Alborz mountains nature & Iran local people .
All these kind of trekking & hiking tours arrange by professional mountain guide who knows everything about mountains & local people & also many experiences about Alborz mountains & Iran trekking tours .
You can have unimaginable experiences in Alborz mountains such as hiking to high peaks which is higher than 4000 M altitude in central part of Alborz mountains . Watching the special wildlife & animals of the Alborz mountains & also meeting with local people of the Alborz mountains villages.
If you are interest to explore Iran mountains & trekking in Iran , please contact me & send me your request . I'll do my best for you.

Short trekking in Alborz mountains

Short trekking in Alborz are programs that take less than five days and can be implemented in the central Alborz area. Given the close proximity of these routes to the Tehran (capital of Iran )in the south of the Alborz mountains, most of these programs start from Tehran and eventually end at the north of the Alborz Mountains and the Caspian Sea. These programs are suitable for people who want to finish their program in less than five days. Of the most famous short trekking Alborz trails, short trails from Alamut Valley to the Caspian Sea, such as Garmarud to Yuj or Alamut Evan lake to Tonekabon town, or the Taleghan Valley to Sehezar hot spring .

On the way of these short trekking can be hiking to some peaks higher than 4000 meters . If you would like to spend part of your trip to Iran in the Alborz mountains , I am at your service.

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Best Seasons:March-October
Popular Location:Central Alborz mountains

Alborz mountains Short Trekking tours

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Trekking in Iran
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