Anna from Russia

Many thanks to Hesam for the trip! It was a true pleasure to do hiking with him. He Taligent us breathing techniques, how to go slowly and keep the energy up to the end. That was the first experience of going like that. In the end of hiking we reached the pick of Alam-Kuh mountain(4800), it was amazing and due to Hesam and his techniques, wasn’t that difficult.

Hesam is very friendly, caring, with great sense is humour. He told us interesting things about Iran, Iranians, their history and religious events, answered all our questions, which is really precious when you come to the country with reach culture, it’s vitally important to understand things around, and Hesam was perfect story-teller. Special thing is that Hesam organized overnights at local houses (with opportunity to take a shower after hiking!) with local people who cooked local food for us, truly unique experience! That was one of the most interesting holidays we had!


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