Fiorenza from Italy

Some dear friends proposed me a trekking in Iran.
I was a little perplexed because I didn’t know the mountains of Iran and I had never considered them an interesting destination.
And instead it turned out to be an exciting experience!
The large spaces and the vastness of the horizons in the Alborz mountains, the luxuriance and grandeur of vegetation in the Ircane Forests, the strenuous climb and the surprising summit of the Sabalan Volcano, the fascinating cities like Esfahan, Kashar and Tabriz, with their peculiar originality.
And the great kindness of the Persian people, with its courteous and respectful familiarity, sharing life day by day with the local and nomadic people, the wish – realized – to make ours a special journey.
And the perceptive ability of our mountain guide Hesam to introduce us into this bucolic world and make us appreciate all this spontaneously.
This is what our trekking in Iran has been: an unforgettable experience of life!


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