Elena from Russia

Our trip to Iran consisted of two parts, the “urban” part, which included a tour of the main attractions of Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis, Pasargadae and the “mountain” part. ​ The second “mountain” part of the journey was a week-trekking in Alborz mountains – we crossed several passes of varying difficulty and climbed Alam-Kuh peak at the finish. Alborz mountains are very special, rich in colours, fresh springs, various landscapes and ancient legends. The hike was planned carefully by our guide Hesam taking into account the need for acclimatization, rest and pace available to each participant regardless of the level of physical fitness.Our journey also included several overnight stays at local residents houses, which became the highlight of this trip and a great way to get acquainted with the life and culture of Iranians, their lifestyle, local food, traditions, history, religion and thinking. Our guide Hesam proved himself as a professional and responsible person with great erudition, sense of humor, patience and thoroughness in organizing all stages of our multi-part trip. In 11 days we were able to see the diverse amazing country, getting to know both the inhabitants of shepherd camps and the inhabitants of villages, people of different occupations and different age throughout the country. Apart from historical sights, mountains and incredible nature Iranian people seem to be a real treasure of Iran, it is difficult to forget their ​ kindness, openness and ability to enjoy life.​


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