Emanuela from Italy

Mixed trip: trekking in the Alborz Mountains, Caspian Sea Forest (Ircanian) and Sabalam, with visit of the city of Tehran, Kushan, Esfahan and Tabriz, conducted with high professionalism by our Iranian guide Hesam.
Young architect who loves horses and its mountains places.
In his childhood, he transferred all his passion to his country, to become a traveling companion for us.
We lived for the days of trekking according to the traditions of the local population with homemade food (honey, bread, cheese). An unforgettable experience!

The Sabalan mountain, 4800m, starts at 3800m after a Jeep transfer, a fun adventure.
Rocky mountain that stands out in the blue sky of Persia !!
Intense walk but Hesam a true mountain professional led us to the goal !!!

Stroll through the centuries-old trees, grazing horses and cows !!
Accompanied by the silence immersed in an intense and exciting green !!!
Recommended to lie down and look at the sky through the leaves of majestic trees !!
In local house you can eat homemade food cheese, butter, and chicken!!!
It’s wonderful!!


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